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Kathy Murphy is a thought leader and coach. 

She is passionate about helping people live fully engaged in everything they do. She brings skills and knowledge in science and philosophy of the mind and body.  She works with people to help them create mind and body immunity to outside circumstances, so that no matter what happens in life they can be strong, and live fully engaged in their best ever body and mind health. 

Through personal journey, illness and injury, Kathy continues to defy every diagnosis, and surfs, living a life filled with energy at age 64.  Her passion is to help people find easy ways to simplify and make natural healthy choices that keep toxins out and puts nutrients into both the body and mind. 

Kathy has always had a vegetable garden and learned most of what she now knows from her son Kevin. Kathy is certified in health coaching, life coaching, Neuro Linguistic programming, and Mind coaching with the 3 principles. She is passionate about helping understand how the mind works, and seeing a way to live longer, happier, healthier, and  be self sustainable with growing their own medicine at home. 

Kevin has been growing and studying plants all his life. 

He is currently a research scientist, working on product studies and development to conserve water and increase yield.  He grows from concept to fruit, almost every vegetable and believes his food is his medicine.

Kevin has science degrees in  environmental and agricultural science.  He has always had a natural ability and curiosity in better ways to grow and live organically. He not only grows his own plants of all kinds, but makes his own medicine from those as well. 

He will be teaching you to make and grow your own vegetables, fruits and hemp plants, as well as using those products to make your own Kombucha, teas, sauerkraut, pickled vegetables, beer, wine, topical pain rubs and many more. 

Together at their best

giving people not only the way to survive and thrive in covid, but beyond -into whatever comes in their life.